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Directions from US 30

From US 30, head South on US 41. You will pass Lake Central High School on your right. Continue over the upcoming overpass and through the next light (at this light, you will have a gas station on your left and a Walgreens on your right). You will have an angled road, Joliet Street, on your left just after Dunkin Donuts and Schoops. Turn left onto this road, heading East/Southeast, and you can’t miss us on your right almost immediately upon turning.

Directions from Crown Point

From Crown Point, go through the Town Square until you reach the west exit, being US 231. Head west until you pass the Gates of Saint John. You will have a stoplight shortly after, at Parrish St., which you can take a right heading North. Follow it until it T’s at Joliet St. Take a left and follow Joliet past the railroad tracks where it will curve to the right and then the left. You can’t miss us on the left (South) side of the road just before a stop sign at US 41.